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Warriors has been published in four arcs by Erin Hunter. The arcs are: Warriors, Warriors: The New Prophecy, Warriors: Power of Three, Warriors: Omen of the Stars, and Warriors: Dawn of the Clans, the newest and incomplete arc. Each arc is based on a prophecy. There are also special editions- Bluestar's Prophecy, Firestar's Quest, Skyclan's Destiny, Yellowfang's Secret, Tallstar's Revenge and Crookedstar's Promise. It also comes in manga series, eg. Tigerstar and Sasha, SkyClan and the stranger. Novellas are here too: Hollyleaf's Story, Mistystar's Omen, Cloudstar's Journey and Tigerclaw's Fury. There are also guides for reference of the warrior series: Code of the Clans, Cats of the Clans, Battles of the Clans and Warriors Field Guide: Secrets of the Clans.

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